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The Oxademy — Everest MBA Programme


The Oxademy — Everest MBA

is a unique programmes that develops a deep understanding of global business management and leadership capability. This programme is about the effective business management and leadership that allows students to compare and consider existing knowledge in order to develop their own management and leadership competencies and put into practice what they learn by completing sponsor-led work based projects and exploring real world case studies. ‘Managers manage processes, Leaders lead people’ and therefore students must understand the impact that global forces, technology, economics, finance and people have on business, strategy and tactics, and what needs to be done to get business deliver most value, be efficient and effective manner.


Masters in Management and Strategic Leadership

The Masters in Management and Strategic Leadership (MSL) is centred on developing professional effectiveness and enabling practicing/aspiring managers to enhance their skills in management, leadership and strategy.

The Masters in Management and Strategic Leadership is designed for all managerial levels and senior directors who have the responsibility to translate organisational strategy into effective performance. The programme provides successful executives with the new perspectives, skills and techniques required to optimise personal performance, team performance, and the bottom-line results of their organisations.

The programme is offered in three stages, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Master’s Degree. The students must successfully complete the Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma at OBS to be able to achieve the Master’s Degree. Successful students will be transferred to the University to complete the final stage. This programme is offered online and classes can be attended from anywhere, anytime on anydevice


Master of Science in Organisation Leadership

The Master of Science in Organisational Leadership (MSOL) is a degree programme jointly offered by Oxademy Business School and Northwood University. The course is specifically designed for young, dynamic high-calibre professionals who specialise in change management and global strategy.

Ranked 4th in the U.S. in ROI, Northwood University has campuses in Midland, Michigan and Cedar Hill, Texas. The joint MSOL offers participants a chance to learn from two different business schools with two different complementary perspectives. In particular, students will examine the behaviours that facilitate effective personal leadership and organisational learning. The inclusion of collaborative problem-solving strategies and practices make this programme ideal for individuals who seek multidisciplinary knowledge and skills.


Global Leadership Programme

Everyone is a leader in one form or another. Whether you are responsible for a team or task, a junior executive in an organisation, or the CEO, your leadership skills matter. Designed for existing and aspiring leaders, this 6-week live-online leadership programme offers a unique blend of thought leadership, practical application and personal development that equips professionals to make a significant impact in their organisations and projects.

Accredited by John Adair, the GLP is designed to cover a range of critical areas including Action-Centred Leadership (ACL), Strategic Visioning, Ethical Leadership and Emotional-Spiritual Intelligence. This programme helps delegates discover their own authentic leadership style and improve their ability to lead projects effectively.

Delegates also benefit from innovative leadership development tools such as the Leadership Type Indicator (LTI) and an Authentic Leadership Questionnaire (ALQ). Ultimately, the GLP strengthens students' ability to lead with credibility, drive change, and deliver results in increasingly complex environments. Two certificates are awarded on completion: one from Adair International confirming completion of the ACL element of the programme and one from Oxademy- Murabbi attesting to the full completion.

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