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It’s not too late to make 2017 a banner career year. Take advantage of our certification offer and get the preparation you need to earn credentials of your choice from HR Certification Institute (HRCI). HRCI certification exams are rigorous, but that’s also why global employers ask for HRCI credentials by name.

Earn your certification today!: HRCI’s portfolio of the HR profession’s most respected and sought after credentials includes the Professional in Human Resources(PHR), Senior Professional in Human Resources(SPHR), Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR), Professional in Human Resources – California(PHRca), Professional in Human Resources – International(PHRi) and Senior Professional in Human Resources – International (SPHRi), as well as the new Associate Professional in Human Resources(aPHR) for early career HR professionals. 

Join the community of high-achieving HR professionals who enjoy higher salaries, more opportunities for promotion and greater job satisfaction compared to peers without this certification.

Contact us today to learn more about how the our certification program can get you ready for the HRCI exam, your next big step to a career breakthrough! Let us show you how to get the exam and career edge you need.

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