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About us page imageEverest Executive Education, is a business school, dedicated to continuous professional development through our specially tailored courses, certification, qualification and MBA programmes. Everest Executive Education is renowned for deeply insightful research on the rapidly evolving global economy, and innovative approaches to the business challenges of the knowledge worker era.

Drawing from the vast collective experience and resources, we bring together professionals of diverse background, perspectives, and experiences in the pursuit of professional and Organisational success. We offers programmes to help these professionals develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset to embrace change and to use it as a catalyst to individual and organisational success.

Whether through our open enrolment programmes or certification programmes, you will learn that Everest is the gateway to build effective leadership capacity for Business improvement – Market Intelligence – Sustainable Development At Everest are committed to the continual evolution of world class content so that our programmes are always current, innovative, and highly relevant

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